Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Sunset, Sunrise, Be Here Now

Time moves on, the seasons turn, I watch and ride the waves...
Sunset at Seaside, Oregon as another full year draws to a close.  But it will never really be gone, as I have lived it, and it is written in my bones to remember the highs and lows as life moves on.
A gentle feather blown about, nestled atop the rocks.  Soon it will be lifted by a breezy beach wind or tumbled by a rising tide.  Who knows where it will find itself next.  Are we like feathers sometimes?
A new year dawns with wide horizon and open skies, many are on the path, who knows who you might meet.  As far as my eye can see, sky and water.  Barely separate, they merge and dance, and beckon.... come.... walk and see.... feel that cool wind touch your cheek....  be in this delicious moment.... here.... now.