Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Peace, Tradition, and Light

Lights, nostalgia, Chinese and a little TRAditION...
Joining in the fairyland of Christmas and fantasy lights, we cruised thru the neighborhoods recounting stories of years past these brought to mind.  If you live in the Seattle area, look up Candy Cane Lane and Olympic Manor, these are the two best areas to see.
But first we watched the wonderful film "Fiddler on the Roof" at the Uptown Theatre on Queen Anne Hill...  as a sing-along!   And with a Chinese buffet lunch right in the theatre too.  So very Jewish and satisfying fun.  And one of my favorite films, full of nostalgia and tradition.
More lights, a Hawaiian theme...
A dungeness crab...
Lots of candy canes...
Only small artful decorations at home, as we no longer cut our own tree while skiing, or do intense Christmas.  It's more our own created simple version of various traditions, and we like it this way a lot.  Quiet, harmonious...
Our tree...
A postcard from a clear lovely night in Seattle while we enjoy the wonders of the season and the turnings that began with recent Winter Solstice. 
A time to reflect, rest, and sometimes, play with my camera...
Wishing Peace and Harmony and Light Shining Brightly on You.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Art Show, Recent Paintings and Crows

Painting images, playing with paints, such a joy...

Art Show
The recent acrylic paintings above (5"x5") plus two more will be included in the annual by-invitation- only Kaewyn Gallery miniatures show.  Many talented local artists will display their small or miniature paintings which are ideal for gift giving this time of year.

 November 30, 2012 - January 8, 2013

"Miniature Masterpieces and More!"

Kaewyn Gallery
10101 Main St.
Bothell, WA

Recent Paintings and Crows

"She Listened to the Soothing Songs of Her Friends"
Monoprint Mixed Media  12"x12",  Copyright Delorse Lovelady

The painting above recently was being shown at the Northwest Hospital Breast Center.  Earlier this year I was experimenting with monoprint techniques that I learned from local artist Lisa Snow Lady.  This one was difficult to photograph because of the shine of both the acrylics and gold leaf in the branch and circles.

While on another wonderful painting retreat in September on one of our NW islands, I painted the watercolors above.  I enjoyed trying out new shapes for the crows, trying to capture the gestures and behaviors I have observed.  Talented artist Bev Jozwiak shared some of her watercolor techniques, loose washy expressive painting. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Wanderings, Home Again, Sunday Meditations

Wheels on my feet, wandering for 2 months, it's good to be home...
 I have been on 3 different trips, each so different and so full of inspirations... a painting retreat on one of our NW islands, a family visit in Texas, and then a road trip through 7 states.  This posting is a little about the road trip.

We had to stop and take the picture above as we entered Nebraska for the first time.  A crossroads, wide open spaces, flatland, nothing there at all, except a few lonely man-made wire structures.  The sign proudly says "the good life."  And it makes you think, what do you really need, after all?  Maybe less is more.
Along the way I sketch and paint in the car when it's not my turn to drive.  I've mastered balancing my tiny palette, bumps in the road, and moving scenery, but it's always challenging.
I liked this rest stop along the way in Wyoming.  The rock structures were so unusual, it was called the Holy City.  There are many places and times when I am lost in nature that I feel I'm worshipping in the Holy City, there is something so restorative to the soul, so wholesome, fresh and raw. 
We spent several days in the Badlands areas in North Dakota and South Dakota (Montana had some too).  Awesome colors, textures, shapes, my painter's heart was so filled with inspiration.  I learned that there are even black veins of lignite (coal) that catch fire from lightning, burn for very long periods, baking the clay soils, turning them into red veins called scoria or red topped hills called "red clinkers".
Fall colors were stunning, aspen, birch, and more, especially along the rivers. Golden yellows, beiges, siennas, umbers, rust, reds, sage greens, a lush parade.
Yellowstone, one of my favorite places.  All misty, smoking geothermal, volcanic wonderland.  I was privileged, shortly after entering the east gate from Cody, Wyoming to spot a bunch of cars.  Yes, look for cars, and you find the wildlife.  I saw my first wolf in the wild, such a treat.  And many bison, and elk.
This last is Opal Pool, lovely carribean colored turquoise water, there were several like this one.

I'm so refreshed (though tired) from all this traveling, new ideas for painting are percolating, canvases are waiting.  I'm thankful for our beautiful world out there "in nature".  It's good to remember we aren't just observers or "consumers" of nature, but we are part of it...   Life is good.  

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Summertime, Friends and Sketch Paintings

A little bit of heaven with balmy Northwest days, friends and artmaking...
I have been savoring our beautiful Northwest, so balmy, just ideal weather.  We may get a day or two of really hot days but so mild compared to other parts of the country.  And even then, we have the cool breezes coming off the waters.  Ideal.

Friends and Artmaking
And also ideal time to get together with special friends and play with art.  My long time friend Lisa (in the photo above) and I reconnected last week, playing, sharing the day, we have seen many Artfests together, that's where we met.  I love the gorgeous colors in her large painting in the background - and her shirt, apron and new Goddess pieces she was working on.  Go see her stunning spirit-filled art here.

Here is one of the sketch paintings I finished that inspired day, from a pot of flowers in her artist's garden:
"Red Flowers", 5"x7"  watercolor & ink
Copyright Delorse Lovelady

And lucky me, I got to go to this lovely place for our Painting Critique group's annual day out retreat a couple of days ago.  Beverly so graciously hosted us at her Hansville cottage.  There were eight of us, decked out in our sunglasses and big floppy hats, walking the beach, enjoying the view. 

We had fun celebrating the 80th birthday of one of our members, Pam.  We each painted a small piece for her from the same photo.  It was SO amazing to see the different art styles, each so unique, like the women.
 "Pam the Magician", 5"x7"   Acrylic
Copyright Delorse Lovelady

On the way home on the ferry, I sketch painted this scene.

Here's another Northwest day - out with the Plein Air group at Matthews Beach.  There were five of us enjoying the day. 
I combined a couple of areas in the park to come up with this scene.
"Painting at Matthews Beach", 5"x7" watercolor
Copyright Delorse Lovelady

So you see I have been having a lovely summer, with these few samplings of my comings and goings...  and tomorrow I depart for a week long painting retreat with my painting club.  I have big plans for painting projects, canvases are prepped, supplies are at hand, now on to packing...

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

White Flowers,Letting Go, and Sunday Meditation

In letting go, there is a falling, then a soaring freedom to rise upon...
So much color abounds this time of year, lovely rich saturated colors and so many wonderful flowers and gardens.  Rich in inspiration.  They grace my table and sometimes I place a single bloom elsewhere in our house.  Refreshing visually, some with a luscious scent too.  But so short lived, as so are we... a reminder to live fully in our days and savor our moments in the sun.  

Sunday Meditations
"The Art of Letting Go" by Richard Rohr is an audio book I am enjoying listening now.  Rohr is a Franciscan priest in New Mexico, the land of enchantment, and is engaging in this book centering on the wisdom of Saint Francis, exploring spiritual mystery, and letting go.  A very good and worthwhile summer read.

  A recent page from my journal:
Flowers bloom
Then fade...

Falling beautifully,
Cascading down gracefully,

Falling is unstoppable.

I savor the moments of those heady pure white blossoms,
I linger a moment in reverie and wistfulness,
And know I must soon turn the page...

Friday, August 10, 2012

Trees, Inspiration, and Art Show

Paying attention by practicing mindfulness, the small moments of happiness are everywhere to be found...
"Morning Joy Among the Trees #1"         12"x12" Acrylic
Copyright 2012 Delorse Lovelady

Trees and Inspiration
I continue my exploration of trees with paint.  There are endless possibilities of shapes and colors and moods.  These two paintings were done rather spontaneously on a Saturday morning, and I hate to admit, but for a painting exhibition with a deadline due the next day.  I don't usually wait til the last minute, but I had been having a particularly bad summer cold (thankfully gone) that affected my eyes.  Maybe it's a reminder to not labor so much on minutia or thinking when approaching the canvas.  Capturing a feeling or moment may be easier when we let go and let the brush and hand go where it will.

The inspiration for these paintings come from a certain walk that my spouse and I take occasionally.  It's a lovely hidden spot, a walking trail with lovely undulating trees along a small running creek.  So as I began to paint, I recalled the crisp air, the colors, the shapes, the enjoyment of the moment of walking with my best friend.

"Morning Joy Among the Trees #2"         12"x12" Acrylic
Copyright 2012 Delorse Lovelady
Gallery North Art Show
Both of the "Morning Joy Among the Trees" paintings will be in this show, do stop by, it is a lovely gallery set in the artsy community of Edmonds:

Plein Air Edmonds - Beauty of the Northwest Art Show
August 1 - 31, 2012

August 16, 2012 - Edmonds 3rd Thursday Art Walk
5:00pm-8:00 p.m
Refreshments will be served.
Gallery North
508 Main Street, Edmonds, WA

Monday-Fridays from 11:00am-6:00pm
Saturday from 10:00am-6:00pm
Sunday from Noon-6:00pm

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Retreat, Art Play and Sunday Meditation

Beautiful scenery, good company and blissfully painting...

A retreat is a wonderful thing, good for renewing the spirit, getting away from the regular routines and events going on in life.  And so, that's what I was doing this last week in a beautiful corner of our Northwest.

I arrived a day late after recuperating from a three week trip to Texas followed by a short illness after returning.   I quickly immersed myself in the camp of good company of our painting club, and gave myself up to painting and experimenting as much as possible.  Our instructor was the talented Jennifer Bowman, a high energy acrylic painter.

Art Play and Experimenting
In 5 days I produced 12 small paintings, experiments in color, shape, lights/darks, subject matter, materials, and using a palette in a different way.  Jennifer showed me how to do the eye on a couple of the paintings and in two others showed me the use of dark and light passages.
Here are the results of my experiments with birds:
and pears, rooster and trees:
and tulips:

I chose this retreat in place of the Artfest retreat in March this year.  And as it turned out this was this last Artfest, so I did manage to go for one day only over to Port Townsend to take a great workshop from Lisa Bebi on painting and photography.  Here is a one sample from my several paintings in that workshop:
Sunday Meditation
The exquisite scenery of both retreat locations nurtured my soul.  Nature does that.  And the one day March workshop plus last weeks retreat will serve as inspiration for me as I try out  different things in my paintings.  I am going in the new directions as I wanted...and am seeing where it leads.

I wonder if every day, there isn't a "mini retreat" waiting to be found by me... an hour painting outside on our deck, meeting at a park with fellow plein air painters and sketchers, a museum visit, or just quietly studying and playing with the many photo's I've taken of places, examples.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Art Show, Trees and Whispers

Night whispers among the trees...
"Night Ceremonies #1"   16x20 acrylic

Copyright 2012  Delorse Lovelady

Art Show
This is a little late for posting, but I was pleased to be juried into the annual Seattle Co-Arts show.  The last day is tomorrow.

May 1-31, 2012
Seattle Co-Arts Juried Show "Eye of the Artist"
 at The Art Institute of Seattle, Burnley Gallery, 
South Campus, 6th Floor, 2323 Elliot Avenue, Seattle, WA

Trees and Whispers
"Night Ceremonies #1" is my latest in a set of two paintings on trees.  They were an experiment in faux monoprinting.  And I listened to the whispers telling me they wanted to be pink moving about in the night with the winds blowing around them...

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Attic Babies, Sunday Meditation, and Wonder

You never know how much goodness a little peep will make...
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Photo

Attic Babies
Exactly one week ago I woke up to some very faint peeps... and they have gotten more insistent and loud as the week has progressed.  Yes!  Our woodpeckers, Northern Flickers are back!  While I am so happy to share in this joyful occasion, the nesting location is not the best... our busy little flickers took advantage of our absence on a road trip for a couple of weeks in late March to hammer a hole thru the top side of our 2 story house and establish residence.  So we will not disturb them, and hope for the best in our attic, to see the fledgings take off.   I read that both the male and female share incubating the 6-8 eggs which takes about 11-16 days before the hatching.  Then both parents feed them constantly til they leave the nest a month later.  So I'm guessing the launching date for the babies will be sometime around June 6...  
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Photo
I've attempted but missed photo's of the comings and goings.  I so wish I could photo the going's on in the nest, but will have to be satisfied with one of the adults feeding at our bird feeder.
copyright Delorse Lovelady 2012

Sunday Meditation
It's been a full week for me.  Connecting with friends, art groups, family.  I won an award for a painting!  And yesterday I had the thrill of meeting NY artist/author Seth Apter (so charming) and 5 other Seattle area artists in his new book at the book signing.  Yesterday one of the attendees was speaking about the effect of a few words of a teacher on a student.

So I remembered a couple of personal instances where someone shared some words with me that made a difference, "stuck".  And I wonder how much we all really hear in all the symphony of life that goes on around us.  I can't help but think it could be a few words from anyone at a certain moment when we really take it in and hear it.   Words and images are so important, conveying meanings and layers of meanings.   It's as important to notice what we are sending out to the symphony, as it is to stop and listen to what is coming our way.

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying the little singing chorus of peeps, the new energy, spring, life, the growing of wings for flying on the tiny flickers, my attic babies.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Sunflowers, Library Show, and Book Signing

Peace after storms, sun follows rain, and "we all shine on"...
"Fear Ye Not - the Sunflowers Ever Come"

Copyright 2012 Delorse Lovelady   Mixed Media 16x20
Sunflower Painting
I worked and struggled on this experimental painting off and on earlier this year, and finally finished it after lots of process and trial and error.  It's a combo of personal photos that have been Photoshopped, various collage, and acrylics on gallery canvas.  I was pleased to receive a 3rd place for painting of the month at Seattle Co-Arts last meeting!

Edmonds Library Show
My painting critique group will hold an upcoming 2 part Ten Ladies Painting Show at the Edmonds Library.  Sunflowers and 4 more of my paintings will be there starting June 11.

May 3 - June 10- Ten Ladies Painting 1:
Pamela B. Harold, Beverly Shaw Starkovich, 
Marilyn Webberly, and Helen Drummond

June 11 - July 30- Ten Ladies Painting 2:
Delorse Lovelady, Sue Gill Rose, 
Victoria Galbraith, Cheryl Hufnagel, 
Judith Heim, Jane Mayer, and Joan Poor

Book Signing
You are invited to attend..... 
Saturday May 5th from 12-2
Bellevue Art & Frame, 13131 NE 20th Street, Bellevue, WA. 425-453-8959.

The Pulse of Mixed Media:   Secrets and Passions of 100 Artists Revealed
By Seth Apter,
NY mixed media and book artist

This book goes below the surface to uncover the inner workings of the
creative mind.
Imagine you've been invited to have an intimate discussion with all of your favorite artists. You can ask them anything, and hear the
personal stories behind their artwork.
Become a true art insider.

Local artists Donna Watson & Leslie Avon Miller will be doing demos.
Local "Pulse" Artists also attending:  
Delorse Lovelady, Lisa JonesMoore, Robert Stockton, & Alicia Caudle

20% off all books purchased during signing.
 Door Prizes!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Published, Fear and Altzheimer's

I opened the box labeled "fear"; it dissipated like wispy fog into the air...
"Fragments Over the Deep Blue" Mixed Media 10"x10"
Copyright by Delorse Lovelady 2011
A special thank you goes to talented Seth Apter of The Altered Page blog whose book The Pulse of Mixed Media: Secrets and Passions of 100 Artists Revealed was recently published. It is a fabulous book full of wonderful artist's images and words... And, I feel so honored that he included me in this melange of 102 artists. My mixed media painting, "Fragments Over the Deep Blue" is in Section 3, Secrets Revealed.
My painting and another one I completed and submitted were in response to the challenging question: "what is your biggest fear?" There are little fears in life, then there are bigger fears. What seemed to pull at me the most when reflecting on the question was the dreadful disease altzheimer's which two of my aunts have battled over the last few years. One aunt continues to do so and now my mother is also affected. This has been and is difficult for myself and family.

But then, I did create the art pieces, which was quite cathartic. And I realized that another part of the fear was really putting out such personal art for viewing... I was reminded by my spouse that that was what real art was about, when an artist can reveal some deeper meanings that the viewers can connect to in their lives. And so there it is...

The roses in the painting are so symbolic for me in many ways, including, growth from the ashes, transcending struggles in life, hope always survives. So the question was asked and the fear was painted, and at the same time, the painting offers a resolution to the fear... art is so healing. I've always said so...

I am finding that there are so many families affected by this disease. It creates unfamiliarity where there was once knowledge and assurance, it changes the personality, functioning and relationships of the person and creates "the long blank stare". Memories are destroyed and it's almost like starting over with a "tabula rasa", a blank slate... in a child-like state. Sometimes we can laugh and other times it's just painful. I mourn and rail against the unfairness of it. But who am I to say. It just is, and I remember to keep a heart full of compassion.

I remind myself of the cycles of nature, the mysteries of life and being grateful in the now, sending out ripples of good energy, and being able to create and express, and so, I will...

Here are two new books I chanced upon unexpectedly at a recent visit to the Seattle Frye Art Museum with my spouse. I have started reading them, and they seem quite full of great information and resources for those who have family members with altzheimer's.

Forget Memory - by Anne Davis Basting
Understanding fears and moving thru them; cultural stories about dementia

I'm Still Here - by John Zeisel, Phd.
Understanding it, the journey, relationships, art, treatment, being in the moment

Friday, March 2, 2012

Contemplation, Miniature Paintings and Art Show

I am painting and painting and contemplating...
"Contemplation #1 and #2 Diptyph 5"x7" Acrylic
Copyright Delorse Lovelady 2012
Two paintings that go together (or not), using my favorite undulating shapes and a sun. I was thinking about the desert scenes I had viewed in Death Valley last year. I loved the shapes, the soft colors, the faraway look, a place of silence to contemplate and be quiet. This could just as easily be a scene of a faraway sea in the distance, I like that it could be interpreted another way. These 2 will be in the show coming up...

Art Show

I'm happy to present 6 new paintings in this show. There are over 350 paintings by local artists painting in a variety of media and styles in this popular show. Please stop in and take a look, and enjoy the artsy little downtown of Edmonds!

Gallery North
Annual Juried Miniature and Small Paintings Art Show

March 1 - 30, 2012

March 4th Sunday, 1-4pm Artist's Reception, open to public
March 15th Thursday, 5-8pm, Edmonds Art Walk

Two more paintings in the show, lots of texture in these as I used molding paste, very fun to work with.
"Talking Trees #2" and "Starting the Conversation #2" Acrylic 5"x7"
Copyright Delorse Lovelady 2012