Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Published, Fear and Altzheimer's

I opened the box labeled "fear"; it dissipated like wispy fog into the air...
"Fragments Over the Deep Blue" Mixed Media 10"x10"
Copyright by Delorse Lovelady 2011
A special thank you goes to talented Seth Apter of The Altered Page blog whose book The Pulse of Mixed Media: Secrets and Passions of 100 Artists Revealed was recently published. It is a fabulous book full of wonderful artist's images and words... And, I feel so honored that he included me in this melange of 102 artists. My mixed media painting, "Fragments Over the Deep Blue" is in Section 3, Secrets Revealed.
My painting and another one I completed and submitted were in response to the challenging question: "what is your biggest fear?" There are little fears in life, then there are bigger fears. What seemed to pull at me the most when reflecting on the question was the dreadful disease altzheimer's which two of my aunts have battled over the last few years. One aunt continues to do so and now my mother is also affected. This has been and is difficult for myself and family.

But then, I did create the art pieces, which was quite cathartic. And I realized that another part of the fear was really putting out such personal art for viewing... I was reminded by my spouse that that was what real art was about, when an artist can reveal some deeper meanings that the viewers can connect to in their lives. And so there it is...

The roses in the painting are so symbolic for me in many ways, including, growth from the ashes, transcending struggles in life, hope always survives. So the question was asked and the fear was painted, and at the same time, the painting offers a resolution to the fear... art is so healing. I've always said so...

I am finding that there are so many families affected by this disease. It creates unfamiliarity where there was once knowledge and assurance, it changes the personality, functioning and relationships of the person and creates "the long blank stare". Memories are destroyed and it's almost like starting over with a "tabula rasa", a blank slate... in a child-like state. Sometimes we can laugh and other times it's just painful. I mourn and rail against the unfairness of it. But who am I to say. It just is, and I remember to keep a heart full of compassion.

I remind myself of the cycles of nature, the mysteries of life and being grateful in the now, sending out ripples of good energy, and being able to create and express, and so, I will...

Here are two new books I chanced upon unexpectedly at a recent visit to the Seattle Frye Art Museum with my spouse. I have started reading them, and they seem quite full of great information and resources for those who have family members with altzheimer's.

Forget Memory - by Anne Davis Basting
Understanding fears and moving thru them; cultural stories about dementia

I'm Still Here - by John Zeisel, Phd.
Understanding it, the journey, relationships, art, treatment, being in the moment

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Congratulations!! I need to order the book. Thanks for letting me know this. I’m thrilled for you.