Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Healing, Kiss, and Art Show

Healing with art, inspiration with poetry...
"Kiss"          Copyright 2013, Delorse Lovelady
      Inspired by:    KISS, by Sylvia Pollack, June 30, 2011

Trellised tomatoes,
     splayed across the south
side of the house,
     get drunk on their own sweet juices
stew in them,
     grow so exuberantly after dry days
their skins split
     like opened zippers, and we,
in an act
     of kindness and forgiveness,
pluck them
     off their vine, offer them
to each other's lips.

 Cancer Lifeline Art Show
I have the honor of having two collages in this show sponsored by the Northwest Collage Society and Cancer Lifeline of Seattle.  Women participating in Cancer Lifeline writing groups write poetry for healing,  They shared their poetry with members of the Collage Society who selected one to three poems, and then created art pieces from the inspiration.  I selected Kiss by Sylvia Pollack and Never Pruned by Nancy Meier.  A portion of the sales from these poem inspired collages are donated to Cancer Lifeline.
April 8 -- June 24, 2013
 Reception on Thursday April 11 from 6-8pm 
Dorothy S. O'Brien Center 
6522 Fremont Ave. North 
Seattle, WA 98103

Friday, April 5, 2013

Lake Washington, Diamonds & Art Show

Spring is back bringing flowers, fresh starts, and light...

Juanita Beach Park
Last Sunday we took a little jaunt over to the local park on the Juanita side of Lake Washington.  The park has recently been renovated, and is a lovely spot to take a walk on the loop that is partly dock over the water and partly beach.  It was an uncommonly gorgeous sunny day in north Seattle, and we enjoyed the sun play dancing diamonds across the waters.

And then there was this great stonework pathway with native grasses that caught my eye.  Stunning shapes and lines... abstractly wonderful.

Kirsten Gallery
A wonderful fine art gallery is hosting Co-Arts show this year.  I have one painting in this show.  Stop by and see what local artists have been creating. Here is a link for viewing the artwork if you can't make it to the Gallery.

       Seattle Co-Arts 63rd Annual Juried Show:

Play of Light!

 April 5 – May 8th 2013

 Opening Reception: April 7th 2-4pm

Hosted by Kirsten Gallery supporting 41 years of Fine Art 

5320 Roosevelt Wy NE
Seattle, WA 98105
(206) 522-2011
Wednesday-Sunday 11am - 5pm
Closed Monday and Tuesday