Sunday, May 6, 2012

Attic Babies, Sunday Meditation, and Wonder

You never know how much goodness a little peep will make...
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Photo

Attic Babies
Exactly one week ago I woke up to some very faint peeps... and they have gotten more insistent and loud as the week has progressed.  Yes!  Our woodpeckers, Northern Flickers are back!  While I am so happy to share in this joyful occasion, the nesting location is not the best... our busy little flickers took advantage of our absence on a road trip for a couple of weeks in late March to hammer a hole thru the top side of our 2 story house and establish residence.  So we will not disturb them, and hope for the best in our attic, to see the fledgings take off.   I read that both the male and female share incubating the 6-8 eggs which takes about 11-16 days before the hatching.  Then both parents feed them constantly til they leave the nest a month later.  So I'm guessing the launching date for the babies will be sometime around June 6...  
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Photo
I've attempted but missed photo's of the comings and goings.  I so wish I could photo the going's on in the nest, but will have to be satisfied with one of the adults feeding at our bird feeder.
copyright Delorse Lovelady 2012

Sunday Meditation
It's been a full week for me.  Connecting with friends, art groups, family.  I won an award for a painting!  And yesterday I had the thrill of meeting NY artist/author Seth Apter (so charming) and 5 other Seattle area artists in his new book at the book signing.  Yesterday one of the attendees was speaking about the effect of a few words of a teacher on a student.

So I remembered a couple of personal instances where someone shared some words with me that made a difference, "stuck".  And I wonder how much we all really hear in all the symphony of life that goes on around us.  I can't help but think it could be a few words from anyone at a certain moment when we really take it in and hear it.   Words and images are so important, conveying meanings and layers of meanings.   It's as important to notice what we are sending out to the symphony, as it is to stop and listen to what is coming our way.

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying the little singing chorus of peeps, the new energy, spring, life, the growing of wings for flying on the tiny flickers, my attic babies.

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