Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Meditation - Poppies, Birds and Pulling Weeds

another lovely NW day...a little of this and a little of that... enjoying flowers, colors, and birds Poppies and a Special Friend
Aren't these colors just eye-popping, well it is a poppy!
I was SO thrilled yesterday when my dear friend Sharon Baker gifted the beautiful wall hanging on the right to me... she hand hooked it with those gorgeous wool colors and modeled it after the poppy picture I had taken on the left... and totally surprised me at our local art club meeting with it. Isn't it wonderful to see a different (and stunning) interpretation from someone's else's point of view... all the more reason to try out collaborations perhaps. Or at the very least take a piece of artwork you've done and do it again in another medium. I will be enjoying this special wall hanging for a long long time. I was focusing on taking pictures of poppies last year when I took this photo, as they remind me of my favorite artist, Georgia O'keeffe.

Birds and Etsy
Today I worked on updating my Etsy shop and listed quite a few items I've had ready for some time. For those of you who make art, I do recommend trying it out... you probably won't get rich but it is nice to make a sale now and again to fund the art supplies. I played with Photoshop making a mosaic of these bird and floral/fruit pins. And following up on our Northern Flicker, here he is at the Honeymoon Palace peeking out at us from on high. You can see the patches to our house over the holes he drilled in our house. But he looks happy now and my husband managed to catch this photo. He's on the lookout for a female roommate...Meditation
My thought for today on a meditation... or practice... is merely to take time out. Look out your window like the Flicker above, go walk in your yard or neighborhood and appreciate the songs of the birds, the gentle breezes, the blossoms. Today I did manage to do just that for a little bit, pull myself away from this computer and the laundry, etc. Stop and breathe in that fresh air. Be still. Or pull a few weeds in the garden... something so satisfying about that, hands in the dirt, drifting, letting go of the to-do lists... Namaste


Gwen said...

Wow, Delorse, lucky you! What a beautiful rendition of poppys by Sharon, and your photo is beautiful, also!

HeartFire said...

Yes, I do feel very grateful, such a gorgeous piece of art work... I also forgot to post, I painted that photo in watercolors as well. So, three different versions...