Friday, May 15, 2009

Cat Faux Postage and Sketches, and Blog Tip

I just love the feline approach to life, nonchalant, taking it as it comes, watching the birds, zoning out with that inscrutable look while their humans busy about...Photoshop Faux Postage
Another experiment in Photoshop I did a while back. I altered photo's of my wonderful cat using some filters & colors, added text, resized, and came up with this postage strip. Doesn't he look happy & excited about it? Actually, he's more excited about our resident woodpecker who drums on the new birdhouse we installed. Somehow our zen cat thought he could access it through the fireplace since the sounds travel down! Oh well. Today I'm working up more faux postage, very fun project.Art-A-Day Sketches
Very quick sketches of my favorite feline where I'm trying to capture the gestural, shapes. And below, I experimented with using a taped grid and several photo copies of a cat I met on a Canada road trip. I liked the facial positions, expression, so mixed in a few grids of sketches from the photos.Blog Tip
Something I learned by playing around with my Blogger blog is different settings available for links to your favorite blogs. Many have just the name of the link listed (using the gadget called "Link List"). If a visitor clicks, they are navigated into a new web link. But, if you choose a gadget called "Blog List", then you can choose to show an icon, a post title, etc. of your favorites... in my sidebar, I called it "Blogs to Inspire". I find blogs more interesting if they have set it up this way - it seems more inviting, friendly, and seeming to set up a circle of communication among the like-minded, esp. for artists. Another benefit of using the Blog List, is that when visitors to your site click on one of your favorites, it merely opens another window, so they don't navigate away from your site, and can easily find you again to read or see your art. Try it, it's easy.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip, I tried it on my blog. Great cat sketches.

HeartFire said...

Glad my posting was helpful. Cats are one of my favorite subjects.