Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday Meditation - Peace on the Stream, Snow Geese, Zen Paintings

Birds never cease to fascinate, with their ability to soar above us on the wind currents...Experimenting with Acrylics
This is my experiment with acrylics and collage, I called it "At Peace on the Stream" (8x10 canvas). It was fun to do, but I find it challenging to work with acrylics. I like their thickness, and the texture I can get, but then I miss the fluidity of the watercolors and having them flow across the page... I also used heavily coated fabric to get dimension, and liked the effect of a piece hanging off the left edge. More experimenting to come.

Snow Geese
Meanwhile, here are some inspirational photos I used, these I took in the Skagit Valley north of Seattle this past year during the time of the snow geese. They are beautiful to watch, and to listen to their chattering honks.Zen Paintings
I took 5 mintues to enjoy the music of this video and a collection of Zen paintings from Rev. Yao Feng Shakya aka "The Sadmonk". I liked the simple renderings, especially the birds. The music is "Chuang Tzu's Dream" from Karunesh. Hope you enjoy.


Margaret Ryall said...

I've never used fabric (apart from netting, which I don't consider fabric) in my mixed media work. Did you attach it with medium? I know I'll eventually get to this.

HeartFire said...

Hi Margaret, yes i attached it with medium and it works well. But I did use heavy thick fabric so had to go over it a bit since fabric soaks it up - and then the medium goes on the canvas and on the fabric piece both. It's holding really well, but might be trying some gel next time for the thicker fabric. Isn't experimenting fun?

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

The video was such a see such delicate and strong brush!
Your work and photos are lovely.

HeartFire said...

Hi Blue Sky,
So glad you enjoyed the video...I do like those simple gestures in that art, so serene.
thanks for the compliment on my work too.

Anonymous said...

Tried to see how you did your blog as mine has no class. Hides old stuff and does not flow... Liked yours!

HeartFire said...

Thanks for taking a look at my blog, glad you like it....