Monday, June 28, 2010

Painting Sun and Water and Inspirations

Sun rising... a new day... every day... the light comes in... and pushes away the dark
"Sun Rising Over the Glorious Waters" , Acrylic 4"x6" copyright Delorse Lovelady
I am back to painting one of my very favorite subjects: suns and light, waters and waves. I find it very meditative to stroke those waves into life and those flashes of light, a kind of rhythm in the painting process. I am continuing my foray into acrylics and texture. So far, it has been satisfying, though at times, I find myself frustrated with the paints. They are not so fluid and mobile as those juicy watercolors... but I am definitely loving the dimensional textures that I could never get with the watercolors.

This small painting will hang in the upcoming July Artsplash show listed in my sidebar. If you are local, be sure to put it on your calendar, as there will be over 35 artists represented with a wide variety of style, plus a miniatures show.

Meanwhile, here is another photo from one of my spring trips. Not bad, considering it was shot through a car window on our way. I'm always looking for the ultimate sky photo, or ocean/water photo, my favorites. These are the kind of scenes that inspire me for painting. Most often, I find I'm painting from my imagination, most likely, little pieces of scenes, composites of years of experiences here and there, so that the painting are not usually so specific a place.


Seth said...

Love the bright, vivid colors in your painting!

HeartFire said...

Thanks Seth... I do love the colors! I'm working on a much large one now with reds, golds & yellows...