Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sketching and Painting Boats

Moored momentarily, they had been on many journeys... and patiently waited for the next adventure.
Perhaps I am seeing a metaphor for myself, patiently waiting, for my next adventure. Perhaps it is the turning from summer to fall. As I drove down the street a couple of days ago I noticed a few leaves, turned a light tan, dancing on a breeze in front of me. It's cooler, rainy, and full of the seasons moving into change again...

This recent sketch/painting on a wonderful day out started out with a watersoluble pencil. That wasn't enough, so then I added some oil pastel. And that wasn't enough, so then I added pen work. And then heavy watercolors on top of that. And more pen work. Finally I felt satisfied with the saturated colors and look of it, I don't usually do boats. Sometimes you have to just keep experimenting.

And here is where I was doing this sketch painting with some art buddies:


Meri said...

These are wonderful!

Paula McNamee said...

Fun sketches and I like your interpretation of the boat scene. Sketching with friends is one of my favorite activities.

HeartFire said...

Hi Meri & Paula,
Thanks for taking a look... Today I was out sketching in the rain with my husband. The air was so refreshing, but so dense and wet, and I forgot to use a permanent pen, which turned into a happy accident.