Monday, May 31, 2010

Sunday Meditations, Light, Just Be, and Oceans

Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.... Kurt Cobain
This photo is of an antique crystal chandelier in the Ashland, Or Cabaret Theater.

Planning for future museum trips I found that one of our local museums has a Kurt Cobain exhibit on, he being the Seattle founder of "grunge rock". Now I never was a follower of same, but I like his quote above.

Somehow it ties in with my photo of this exquisite chandelier that I've often admired when we trek to Ashland for theater, as we did in March.

The lone candle in the dark among all the lit ones... seemed like such a metaphor. So, sending out thoughts today about...

Seeing the surrounding light outside shimmering,
No matter how dark it seems for you...
Let that light enter your eyes, your heart, your being
Join in the circle, the everlasting circle of life
And Just Be, today, Now, whoever you are ...


This photo is of beautiful Bandon Beach, Oregon from our March trip.

Gratitude for our beautiful life-giving oceans and beaches,
And all the creatures they feed, including us.

Shame and sadness on our abuses of them.
Praying for Restraint on the corporate dinosaurs who pollute,
AndWisdom for our politicians,
And the Voices of the people standing up for what is right.


Meri said...

There was much detritus on the beach in Oregon, but it's nothing compared to the depredation of the Gulf Coast oil spill.

HeartFire said...

I have not seen much trash on the Oregon (or Washington) beaches, thankfully... but did in California.
I was definitely thinking about that Gulf gushing oil spill and the devastation it is creating in SO many ways. I can only hope it gets stopped soon, and experience teaches how to do things differently and to factor in the real cost of everything we do, and how to prevent or avoid it in future, or alternatives we could do instead. But history being what it is... who knows...

layers said...

such an apt post right now with what all is going on the gulf coast beaches- such tragedy-- I am heading to Lincoln City beach and ocean tomorrow for a 2 day workshop-- can't wait as I love the ocean beaches..
beautiful quote and post.

HeartFire said...

Seems the Gulf tragedy is getting worse by the day... it's my belief that the environmental costs should be programmed into most of what we make or do and should inform our choices... there has been a start at this & a few businesses actually do it, and we, individually, can do some things too.... it's a huge issue....

Anyway, have a terrific time in Lincoln City, what a great place to take a workshop!! We've stopped in that town on some of our coastal explorations...