Thursday, May 27, 2010

Paintings, Clouds, Sea, and Rock and Art Shows

Floating among the clouds and the sea, unbound spirit, limitless space...
"Floating Among the Clouds and the Sea" , Acrylic 4"x5" Delorse Lovelady Apr2010
Ocean Inspirations
The painting above is one recently completed which was inspired by our recent travel in March to the Oregon coast, a place of breathtaking beauty. I composed the 17 syllable Haiku above to attempt to convey the expansiveness that being near the sea brings, not an easy thing to capture in words.

Here is another of my paintings inspired by this area. This one is more specific, as we stayed in a small motel on a bluff in Bandon, Oregon overlooking the sea, haystacks, and stunning sunsets. There was a set of stairs built into the bluff that we climbed down every day to get to this rugged beach. I will share more paintings and photos of this area in a future posting.
"There was a Hole in the Rock", Acrylic 4"x5" Delorse Lovelady Apr2010
Here is a photograph of this place, and as you can see, I have taken artistic liberty to use different colors and alter the actual look of it.
A June Art Show
Both of the paintings were juried/accepted into the Edmonds Art Festival miniature show which will be held from June 18-20. I was surprised and actually thought that my two other paintings entered would be more likely to be accepted into this show, as they are more colorful. You can see them here. It just goes to show, you never know! Anyway, I am pleased that two are accepted, and I will continue my exploration in the world of acrylics and mixed media, and more abstraction in my work.
Meanwhile I am planning and painting for the July Artsplash show in Edmonds sponsored by the Artists Connect. My space will be 48" x 48" plus a table for smaller items... which means I will be very busy the next couple of months!

Travels and Art
So far, my year has been full and some changes are occurring. I have withdrawn from some retreats and swaps, and instead have focused on my own art. It's good to hear myself and not get drowned in the tidal wave of following the crowd or the super-saturation of our culture...

And we have taken several trips that always provide much fuel for creativity. In fact, I just returned from a month long sojourn with my family in Texas, which included a road trip to Arkansas to hunt for diamonds... No paintings produced, however, I spent time and had fun with family and entertained myself with art journeling and sketching, esp., birds. I will share more about these travels in future posts. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

The paintings are beautiful and make we want to visit for real. I haven't been in touch for a while - all so hectic here - but glad to hear that you are finding time for yourself and your work. Juggling all aspects of one's life is SO difficult, isn't it? A.

HeartFire said...

I know you are so busy there with your garden and shows too, esp, now that it is springtime. Juggling is indeed challenging, but, it makes life interesting. The month plus I spent with family was a treasure, as they live at a distance & I had not been in three years.
I think it is all about continually making efforts to balance and have harmony in what we choose to do with our time...
Wishing you beauty & abundant blooms in your garden!

Anonymous said...

Hi Delorse,
I love your blog! What an informative place, filled with color and creativity. I like your new work, too, as well as other work you posted on there. C