Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Body Electric

"Your body wasn't made just to carry your head around...." Saul Snatsky

"But in my head I still feel like I'm in my 20's...." from my mother in her 80's looking in the mirrorIf you listen and observe enough you can pick up gems of wisdom from everyone. A quotation doesn't have to be from someone famous or published (such as "I sing the body electric" by Walt Whitman). Everyone, including yourself, if you listen hard enough, offers something you can learn. The two lines I used as quotes ran through my head as I thought of posting another recent junk mail collage from my daily art-a-day journal.

I've recently restarted going to the Y for various exercise classes, and feel as though there are muscles re-awakening that I'd forgotten or maybe didn't even know existed. Ouch! I am very sore, yoga, weightlifting and cardio (oh, and tango lessons) has got me moving and re-energized but tired. The paradox of feeling really tired, but better is always a wonder. I am focusing more on building strength and flexibility first.... a good thing to do as I sage into elder age, since I don't want to be rigid in any sense of the word!


Anonymous said...

Bodily tired, but I guess perhaps also a feeling of well-being and mental exhileration.

JonesMoore said...

Good for you! We're never too 'young' to start exercising.