Friday, January 23, 2009

Letting Go of Control

Sometimes it felt like the medium took over and painted itself, leaving me wondering where did this come from?
Looking through scans of many paintings I have done, I thought I would post this one. At the time I was painting mostly seascapes, waves and skys. Loving the blues, the loose shapes, the organic feel of it, learning to work with loose washy water and watercolors on the paper to capture the moody effect I wanted. Many were calm seas, blissful. But I had a separate series, called my "Passion" seascape series and this is one of my favorites. The seascapes evolved by my letting go of the over control of the water and the paint, forgoing a minute plan of brushstroke, and instead going with the sense of what felt right for me. Flowing with the water...
Isn't that the way of happier results in life, flowing instead of resisting and controlling? I must remember this approach sometimes.
Meanwhile I am working to organize and catalog all of my paintings and artwork, a daunting task but one that reminds me of previous moments in time, what I was doing and contemplating as I created various artworks.


Anonymous said...

I had a quick peek at your blog; it is lovely. I'll have a long read soon when I have finished a rush job, but meanwhile have added you to my list of blogs I admire.
All the best, [from email Jan 23]

Anonymous said...

We seem to enjoy the same topics, so I am following your blog via my 'journaling' site. I look forward to 'meeting' you again.

All the best, [from email Jan 25]