Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mosaic of Paintings

Playing around with Photoshop again , today I taught myself how to do a mosaic using some of my 4x4 mixed media paintings. Three of these ("Happy Houses) are still available at the Kaewyn gallery, as they decided to keep them a while after the recent miniatures show since they had gotten lots of positive comments on them. Photoshop is full of wonderful possibilities, but can appear overwhelming if you have never tried it. I self taught myself - one tool at a time, experimenting to see what it would do, and I am still learning. Delighted with my mosaic, I know I will do more, perhaps with photos.

This is another tassel I started today, but I wound more yarn on than I would like, I wanted a thinner tassel. So I will do what my friend did and cut it in half, and finish off in a different way, so I will have 2 tassels, perfect for using when I restring some brass bells that I have.
Sometimes you start something thinking you know where you are going, but end up somewhere else.
And I finished up another small fiber experiment, namely a miniature book with doodles, images and favorite quotes. All this while I was inspired watching Obama on this historic day.


JonesMoore said...

Those tiny books are adorable!

HeartFire said...

Very fun to make, I think I will be making a lot more...